Axis bank NEFT- Send Money Via NEFT/RTGS/IMPS in Axis Bank?

How to transfer money through Axis Bank NEFT. And how to add Beneficiary Account i.e. Payee Name in Axis Bank. So you have to read the information completely.

As you would know that if you pay by UPI, then there is a limit for you, you cannot do more than ₹ 100000 UPI transaction, then if you have to do more than ₹ 100000, for that you have to do RTGS, NEFT or IMPS. If money has to be transferred from, then in today’s information, you will know about it in full detail.

Axis bank NEFT How to Send Money Via NEFT/RTGS/IMPS in Axis Bank?

Axis Bank NEFT is a very easy unsecured way to send money through which you can easily transfer money from one bank to another bank. People use it for large fund transfers.

How much money can I send through Axis Bank NEFT?

There is no limit through NEFT, in which you can send as much money as you want from one rupee. Which has no limit, but if there is any limit in your account by the bank, then you have to pay attention to it.

And if you are doing NEFT in an account for the first time through Axis Mobile App, then you cannot send more than ₹ 50000 for the first time but after 48 hours you can send as much money as you want. That is, in the first NEFT transfer, you cannot send more than 50,000. This limit has been created by a bank, if you are sending money from the first online NEFT to an account, then not more than 50000 can be sent in 48 hours.

How much Time take Axis Bank NEFT transfer?

If you transfer NEFT funds to any bank by Axis Bank, then here you get two options.

Later NEFT- If you send money through letter then it may take you a day or two.

Standard NEFT– If you want to send money to an account through NEFT immediately, then you get the option of Immediate there which is called Standard NEFT. By doing this, money is transferred within 30 minutes.

What is the charge for Axis Bank NEFT?

There is no charge for Axis Bank NEFT, through this you do not have to pay any kind of charge.

How to do NEFT by Axis Bank.

Friends, if you use Access Bank, then there are 3 ways to do Axis Bank NEFT.

  1. Net banking
  2. Axis Mobile App
  3. by Axis Branch

How to do NEFT through Axis Mobile App (NEFT by Axis mobile app)

If you use Axis Bank’s Axis Mobile App, then you can easily do NEFT sitting at home in it.

  • First of all you have to open Axis Mobile App if you have not registered the application then by reading our given information Axis Bank Mobile App Register can do.
  • After registering the Axis Mobile Apps, you have to open it by entering your MPIN and login. Now the option of fund transfer will be visible in front of you, click on it.
  • Inside Fund Transfer you will see as you can see below. add payee name It will be visible that you have to add the details of the account to which you want to send it.
  • If you are transferring money to someone’s account then you have to add payee name first.
  • To add pei name, click on add pe, now you will see 3 options as shown in the image.
  • Axis bank Payee-If the account in which you are doing NEFT is Axis Bank, then go to this option and add Payee name.
  • Other bank Payee-If the bank in which you are doing NEFT is any other bank then go to this option.
  • Mobile Payee– This option is for mobile app users.
  • Now you have to enter the details of the bank account in which you want to neft, such as bank account number, bank IFSC code, bank holder name, email id, mobile number, all the details have to be filled properly and the bank account has to be added.
  • After adding the payee name, click on it, after which you can see the option of RTGS, NEFT and IMPS will be visible. If you want to do NEFT then click on NEFT. As can now be seen in the image below.
  • You have to enter the amount, after entering the amount, you can write about what you are sending the amount for in the remark, after that you get 3 options below to make payment.
  • Later NEFT-If you make payment through this option then it may take 1 or 2 days to transfer the money.
  • Instant IMPS-Money is transferred to the account through IMPS but there is a minimum remittance limit.
  • Standard NEFT-On sending money with this option, money is transferred within 1 hour.
  • Now you have to enter the Axis Mobile App MPIN, after entering the MPIN, the money is transferred by NEFT. Successfully page gets opened on your screen where you can see money has been transferred, you also get it through message.

When can you do Axis Bank NEFT?

You can do fund transfer using NEFT through Internet Banking only from 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM. And if you send money through NEFT through internet banking after 6:30 then this money will be presented to RBI on next working day.

Fund transfer requests made up to 6:30 PM on Saturdays are submitted to RBI on the same day and fund transfer requests made after 6:30 PM are forwarded to RBI on the next working day on bank holidays and on Sundays No NEFT transaction is possible.

So friends, in today’s information, we know about Axis Bank NEFT, if you are facing any problem in doing NFT through which bank, then you can ask us by commenting below, we will reply to it as soon as possible.

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