How to Change Fingerprint Animation Effects in Realme?

Change Fingerprint Animation: Nowadays, different types of Mobile Unlock Animation Updates in realme mobile, in today’s information we are about the fingerprint Scanner Animation that happens whenever we place our finger on the Scanner to Unlock Fingerprint in Realme Smartphone.

You are going to know how to change Fingerprint Animation in your Realme UI Phone.

Change Fingerprint Animation

Fingerprint Animation is an animation that pops up on the fingerprint sensor when you unlock your device with Fingerprint Scanner.

Note: This information is available for Realme devices with an in-screen fingerprint scanner.

Fingerprint Scanner Animation on the screen is given in mobiles with Amoled Display and while unlocking the mobile with fingerprint the animation looks very cool.

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Change Fingerprint Animation Effects in Realme

Many types of fingerprint scanner animations are available in Real Me UI, which we can set in Mobile Unlock. So how to change the fingerprint scanner animation from Realme UI, let’s know step by step.

Step.1 First of all go to setting in your realme device.

Step.2 : Personalization option is found inside the setting, click on it.

realme Device personalisation settings

Step.3 After that here you can see below Fingerprint Animation option will be visible click on it.

fingerprint Animation

Step.4 Now yes, you will be able to see as many fingerprint scanner animations as you can see in realme.

realme Fingerprint Scanner Animation

Realme Fingerprint Scanner Animation
Out of these you can select any animation and you can see that animation on the screen while unlocking the mobile.

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