How to create IDA account, Join With IDA App Full Tutorial?

How To Create IDA Account: What is IDA, we have told in our previous information about how to earn money by creating IDA account, in today’s information we will tell how to create IDA account. That is, we will know in full detail about how to join in IDA.

create ida app account

To join IDA, first you have to create an IDA account. And it is very easy to create an account in IDA, if you do not know, then you can create your account in IDEA by starting the steps given below.

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What all is necessary to join Idea.

What not to do to join IDA To create IDA account you must have some things like.

  1. Aadhar card
  2. 101USDT
  3. ida application
  4. referral code

If you have all the necessary things mentioned above then you can join by creating an account in IDA.

How to create IDA account?

What is the process of creating an IDA account, you can see step by step below.

Step.1 First of all you have to download IDA application. For that you can visit IDA’s website by following the link given below. Click on the profile icon in the top left corner.

Create ida app Profile

Step.2 After that the option to sign up will be given below. Click on Signup as you can see in the image below.

ida signup Tutorial

Step.3 After that you will be able to see that a new one will be sent where you have to fill your details and here only you have to create a password.

ida app Create account
  1. Account: Here you have to write your name which is IDA username. Like if your name is Ajit then here you can write Ajit123 or whatever Username is available.
  2. Pasaword: In this option, you have to create an ID and password, your password should not be less than 6 digits, in which it is necessary to have Number and Word.
  3. Confirm Password: Now the password created above has to be entered again in the same way.
  4. Phone Number: Here you have to select your country first and then enter your mobile number.
  5. Invitation Code: In the invitation code, you have to enter 5122726 as shown in the image.
  6. Fund Password: This is very important, you can create a fund password in your number.

Here you have to pay attention that you must save your IDA Username, Login Password and Fund Password somewhere because you will need the username password while logging in to the application.

Step.4 After filling your details correctly, you have to click on the register option given below, after that the message of registration complete comes in front of you, after that your registration is complete.

Step.5 Now after that download the application. If you have already downloaded the IDA app, then open the application.

Step.6 Now login to the login page by entering the Idea username and login password.

Step.7 After login, now you have to complete IDA Authentication i.e. Aadhaar Verification, for that click on the option of Authentication.

ida app authentication

Step.8 After that the option to upload Aadhaar photo comes in front of you, here you have to upload your Aadhaar in 3 ways.

  1. First of all, you have to upload your Aadhaar Front photo by cropping it properly.
  2. The second is to take a photo of the back side of your base and upload it by cropping it properly.
  3. The third is to take a photo of your Aadhaar in hand and upload it.

Step.9 After uploading your Aadhaar, you have to click on the verify option as shown below. Now you have to wait for some time till your Aadhaar card gets verified. To see the Aadhaar verification status, you can see by going to the option of extreme equation.

Step.10 After the Aadhaar verification is complete, the account verification option comes as you can see in the image below, whenever your ID is complete with its Aadhaar verification, it will come by writing verify in the same way.

ida app verification complete

Step.11 After the verification is complete, your IDA account gets completed. After this you can earn Daily by putting USDT in it. If you want to know how to invest USDT funds in IDA. We will learn about this in the next tutorial.

Complete information how to do Create IDA account registration. If you have any query related to this information then you can ask by commenting below.

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