Google Chromecast- How To Make A Simple TV A Smart TV?

Google Chromecast– Hello friends welcome to Guardiantips. Today in this information we are going to tell about Google Chromecast, what is Google Chromecast. And what is it made for? Imagine if the Internet started running in your TV, which you used to watch on your small smartphone.

Now you are on a big screen Youtube. How much fun it will be if you start casting online videos, TV shows from your mobile.

Google also has a device available for video streaming service. The company had launched Chromecast in India only in 2014 but now its advanced version has arrived. It is smarter and available with more content than ever before.

Google Chromecast How To Make A Simple TV A Smart TV

Amazon Like Fire TV Stick, it also works on the Internet. And you also have to cast it on your TV first.

Friends, in this world of technology, Daily New Gadgets keep launching in the market. And the matter of Google Baba is different, Google Baba keeps on doing something new after seeing the problems of his customer. To know about Google chromecast without taking much time.

Google Chromecast Information Details in Hindi

For this, first you have to connect Chromecast to your TV, it has to be connected to the HDMi port of the TV. You go to the TV input and bring it to HDMI mode which has Chromecast Connect. Now you download Google Chrome Application in your smartphone, remember it will work only if both your mobile tablet is on same WiFi network.

To you google chrome Go to the setting of the home app and add device. As soon as it is connected, after this some process will happen and then you will have to signup in your Google account. As soon as the setup is complete, you will come to the main page, after the setup is complete, you will be done.

Now you can use Kaun Cast from your phone and your Sadhana Tv will become Smart TV. Although it is a little different from Amazon fire tv stick, in this you do not get a separate remote, you have to update it from your phone itself.

What is Google Chromecast?

This is a trick of Google which is like a pen drive. With the help of this, you can enjoy the full internet on your TV. With Google Chromecast, you can make your TV like a digital TV, you use it by connecting it to the HDMI port.

  • 1st Generation Chromecast- The 1st Generation Chromecast 24 July 2013 Me Announced hua tha Jo ki Ek Video Streaming (Video Casting ) ke liye banay gya tha.
  • 2nd Generation & audio-2nd Gen. ki Display 1080p and 29 September 2015 launch kiya gya tha.
  • Ultra – Ultra Name se Hi pata chalta hai, Isme 4k Ultra HD Display update kiya gya tha jo ki 6 November 2016 me launch kiya gya tha

Chromecast kyu made?

Google Chromecast was created so that you can enjoy the Internet even on your TV. Online MovieYoutube, Browsing your Computer Laptop Or used to do in mobile but now you can do this very easily in your TV too

Now many such digital TVs have come in the market. In which we can use internet. But for this you do not have Digital TV, you can make your TV digital through Google Chromecast Gazette.

Which device can use Chromecast 2 HDMI?

Chromecast Plugin can be used in iPhone, iPad, Android Mobile and Tablet, Windows laptop and Chromebook. To use it, you have to download the app on your device. And Google Chromecast Login Bookmarks has to be done in PC. You will now find it on the Google Play Store for Chrome Casting.

What is the price of Chromecast in India?

When this gazette was initially made, it was priced at $35 in the US, now it has also arrived in India, its price is 3399, which you can order online from Flipkart, Snapdeal,

How to Setup Google Chromecast.

There are two methods for streaming Google cast technology.


First of all, you will have to plug-in these gadgets in your pendrive.

Step2, Now you want to use Chromecasting by Mobile Casting. So first you have to download and install the Casting Support app in your mobile. Or you can also do this by installing Chromecast Plugin in your PC and you can also cast.

Download Google Cast app

Step.3 After installing Chromecast in Tv, you will get the option of I See The Code by opening the Cast app in your mobile, if that code is also visible in your TV, then you have to click on that option.

Step.4, Now in Next, you have to add a username to Next, now the setup option of WiFi will come, in which you have to enter the password of your WiFi and click on Connect Button.

Step.5 Now some Sec. After that your TV will be directly connected to the internet. Now whatever Youtube video you play through the App, you will also see it on your Tv.

If you want your TV to cast your mobile, then you have been given the option of that. By which the entire screen of your mobile will be shown on Tv?

What can you do with Chromecast?

Through this, you can play Internet, YouTube, Movie and TV everything in your TV through your mobile by connecting it to the smart phone on your TV as you know.

Use of Chromecast can be done easily while sitting, you just have to plug in your TV’s HDMI, and connect to your device.

Chromecast Price and How to Buy?

If you want to buy this latest budget of Google Casting, then you can do this app online for Flipkart online through Paytm, now there is a discount of 11% on the car, which will get you 2999, which is actually Rs 3099. .

Buy Now Chromecast 2

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