How To Create Google Analytics GA4 Account 2023?

How to create Google Analytics Account. Today’s information will cover Google Analytic Accounts, how to create one and how Google Analytics is linked either with Blogger or WordPress.

Create Google Analytics 4 property

If you want to integrate Google Analytics on your website or blog. You therefore are at the ideal place since you will learn about Google Analytics in detail here. It is crucial for us to set up Google Analytics since, as you are aware, it is the only way we can determine how many people are accessing our website and how many views each page or post received.

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How can I set up my blog to use Google Analytics?

If you have a blog or website, all information about how many people visit it and if it is becoming better or worse should be available.

Google Analytic: What is it?

Google Analytics is a service that allows us to track the users of our blog or website and determine how well it is performing overall.

How do I create Google Analytics account?

Step.1: First of all, you have to go to the Google Analytics website for Create new Account.

Step.2: Login to the Google Lightning website by entering your Gmail ID. and clicking Measuring.

Ga4 property create

Step.3 After which you have to set up the account, enter the account details, like the name of your blog or website, and select the option as shown in the image, then click on the Next button.

Create Google Analytics 4 property

Step.4 Now you have to set up your property as you can see in the image, set the date and time of your country, enter the url of your blog, and click on the option “Next” given below.

Step.5 Now you have to tell Google Analytics about your business, what kind of business it is, and how many employees there are. If you have already created a blog, then select the item as shown in the image and click on the “create” option below.

Step.6 Next, you will see Google Analytics Terms and Conditions in the popup; tick both boxes and accept them.

Step.7: After which next you get the Google Analytics measurement ID in front of you, this measurement ID has to be added to your blogger; if it is already in blogger, then copy it.

Step.8 And if you are using WordPress, then you have to add the Google analytics tag to your WordPress theme.Let us know further how to connect Google Analytics in Blogger or WordPress.

in this information we know about how to create Google Analytics account property account if you want to connect Google analytic for property account to your website. Go to the new tutorial Follow step and connect your website to Google analytic.

Steps To Connect Analytics Account to Website

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