What is IDA, How to Earn Daily Money From IDA Crypto?

Friends, in today’s information, we are going to tell you about an encrypted currency app named IDA, although it is an American company in which trading is done by analyzing currency data with the help of AI intelligence robot.

What is ida app

Nowadays people are earning a lot of money through this application. If you also want to use this application, then we give you all the information about it. You can see the link below about how to install and besan is going to be explained below.

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What is IDA?

IDA is an encrypted currency intelligent data analysis company. It relies on big data and AI intelligent robots in recent years to help analyze currency for each customer to complete quantitative transactions.

iDA is a global cryptocurrency exchange that provides trading platforms for over 100 cryptocurrencies. Since the beginning of 2020, IDA has been recognized as one of the world’s most stable cryptocurrency exchange and an efficient and stable quantitative trading system in terms of trading volume.

Since the beginning of 2020, IDA has been recognized as one of the most stable cryptocurrency exchanges in the world in terms of trading volume and efficient and stable quantitative trading system.

In April 2021, the American cryptocurrency intelligent data analysis company established an investment company.

How is Earning from IDA?

1.VIP 1st

New IDA users get an $8 signup bonus with their first $50 deposit. If you make a first deposit of 101USDT, you get a $15 Registration Bonus gift, and then complete 30 quantitative order transactions every day, you can earn commission between 1.75-3.25. If you invest 100USDT, you can earn 2 to 5 USDT daily without doing anything.

If you invest 500USDT in VIP1, for example, you can earn around $11 a day, and the commission will fluctuate.

vip1 quantitative trading is an experience member. You are not a full member of IDA. You can work in IDA for only 90 days of experience if you are in VIP 1. Which is equal to 3 months. You will lose your IDA job after 90 days, so you have to maintain your investment if you don’t want that. Must enter VIP 2.

2.VIP 2nd

If you want to work in IDA for a long time and want to become a full member, you need to upgrade to VIP 2 by upgrading VIP 1. You need a minimum of 400 USDT in your own account to become an official member of IDA.

With purchases over US$300, use your own invite code. Invite 3. Every Valid Member requires minimum recharge of more than US$ 101 to join IDA

The Minimum own account needs to reach over US$300, and the Maximum Limit is US$2999. When your funds exceed USD 2999, it will not affect your daily quantitative transactions.

VIP2 Individual Quantitative Trading Commission 2%-3.5% You can earn Team Commission when you invite members to join IDA, and when your members complete quantitative trading tasks every day.

Affects one’s daily income The good thing about developing a team is that if you have a team, you can enjoy the benefits of being a team member for a long time. Team commission is divided into 3 stages:

Level.1: 15% for Team Members, 10% for Level 2 Team Members, 5% for Level 3 Team Members Total Team Commission is 30%.

For example: a team member at level 1 completes 30 quantitative trading tasks every day and can earn $100, then you can get a team commission of $15 per day.

Level.2: team members complete 30 quantitative trading tasks every day. And make $100, so you can get one.

Team commission of $10 per day 3-Tier team members complete 30 quantitative trading tasks per day and can earn $100, then you can earn team commission of $5 per day. Let’s say you have 10 direct Tier 1 members with $500 in each member’s account. Earn $11 a day. 10 Direct Affiliates earn a total of $110 per day.

Level 1 team’s daily income is 15%, so the total daily income of the team is 110USDTx0.15 = 16.5, then your level 1 team’s daily income will be 16.5USDTX and 30 days monthly income will be 495USDT.

When your 10 Level 1 members invite 3 Direct members each, your total Level 2 team size is 30 people.

The daily income of 2-level member team is 10%, then the total daily income of the team is 330USDTX0.10=33USDT, then the daily income of your 2-level team will be 33USDTX for 30 days, and the monthly income is 990USDT when you have 30 levels 2 members invite 3 direct members each.

Then your total level 3 team size is 90 people. Level 3 member team’s daily income is 5%, then the total daily income of the team is 990USDTX0.05%

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