How To Fix Whatsapp Connecting Error Issue?

WhatsApp Connecting Error: Generally this problem is rarely seen, but if this error is coming while installing WhatsApp in your phone, then what can be the reason for it. and how to fix it. Today we are going to talk about this.

Whatsapp connecting error

The massage ( Whatsapp connecting error) of unable to connect in WhatsApp is really annoying. If you are also constantly seeing such massages, then now you can avoid them.

If we say that we never faced whatsapp connecting error while opening WhatsApp, then it would be a lie. This is a common and annoying complaint of WhatsApp user. Have you ever thought about solving this problem? There can be many cards to this problem. If you want, you can correct it yourself in a pinch.

What is WhatsApp connecting error and how to fix?

First of all, this error comes due to not working or not working at all. So first check the connectivity by going to the settings of your mobile data, before running WhatsApp, go to the settings of your phone and see if your Internet plan is active. Whether your wifi is connected or not.

Usually this problem is easily fixed. But it can happen. If the service provider has blocked some chat applications, then you will have to contact them only.

whatsapp-connecting-error message

If you are having problem of call dropping due to being connected to wifi, then go to settings and go to wifi inside then select advanced setting and select keep wifi on during sleep.

If all the above measures do not work then restart your smartphone. And if still this problem comes then whatsapp server itself can be down. In that case you cannot do anything. This error will be fixed when the server is fine.

Final word- If you want to ask anything related to Whatsapp, then you can ask by commenting.

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