How to Install Windows using Bootable Pendrive?

Create Bootable Pendrive and install windows-Friends, nowadays everyone knows how to put a window in the computer, just put a bootable CD and put a window, but when it comes to inserting a window in a system in which DVD ROM is bad or there is no DVD drive in them.

then everyone in such a problem Windows will not be able to be inserted because in such a system the window is inserted from the Pendrive and as far as I am concerned, many people from the Pendrive Windows no information to enter

Today I have brought in front of you the information about inserting a window from Pendrive, because nowadays many such laptops are coming in the market which do not have DVD drive, in that you can put a window in it only with the help of Pendrive.

What is needed to make Pendrive Ko Bootable?

To make a Bootable Pendrive, you need to have some things.

  • Minimum 8GB Pendrive should be there.
  • The window whose bootable is to be made should be iso file.
  • Win to Flash Application

Let me now tell you how to make Bootable Pendrive.

Create a Bootable Pendrive using wintoflash?

To insert windows from pen drive, first you have to create your bootable pendrive.

Step-1: Sabse Pahle aapko Windows Ki File Download kar lena hai, window XP, window 7, window 8 and window 10. Ya phir CD, DVD Drive se Copy Karke Computer me Save kar le.

Step-2: After this you will get one by clicking Niche Tool Download This is a Zip file, after downloading, open this file by double clicking on the added WinToFlash file.

Download Win To Flash

Step-3: Download WinToFlash Software and open it.

Step-4: On opening Wintoflash, after clicking on the license and agreement of the software, click on Continue, a message of format drive will come and ok it.

Step-5: Now the Wizard of Software will open in which the option of Select will be available, by clicking on it, selecting Windows File, which you have downloaded and kept ISO file.

Install windows Bootable-pendrive

Step-6: After selecting the Windows file, clicking on the Ok button to continue, after which the Windows file will start updating in the Pendrive?

Install windows Bootable-pendrive

After this process is completed, the bootable pen drive is ready.

Now you can insert point through your laptop computer’s bootable pen drive.

Step-7: Now turn off the system to install Windows from Bootable Pendrive in Laptop or Computer.

Step-8: Now open the system again by putting the Bootable Pendrive in the system, before the system is switched on, you have to click on the Boot Button, some laptops have Boot Button F12.

Step-9: Booting from F12 will now get the BIOS System option in which you have to select Internal Memory. Now the next step, just as the window was stalled by Disk CD / DVD, you have to follow the same step.

After all the work is finished, your Pendrive is all set to insert the Windows, you can insert the window in any system from the Pendrive, but keep in mind that the system in which you are going to insert the window from the Pendrive should have the option of Pendrive in the Boot option.

By the way, nowadays all systems have such an option, with the help of the tool I have given you above, you can easily create a Bootable Pendrive of any window.

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