How To Recover Deleted Telegram Channels and Group?

Did you telegram But the channel has been deleted, if you want to recover Deleted Telegram Channels again, then you can do so. In the information, you will know step by step in detail about how to recover deleted channel i.e. how to get it again.

Telegram is very different from WhatsApp, Telegram has some unique features that you will not be able to find in WhatsApp. But if you just want to chat and make video calls then WhatsApp is good.

Friends, about 2 months ago today, I had deleted 4 channels I had created, in which members were also there. Then I needed that channel, after 2 months I have done recovery. How I did this, I am going to tell you through this article.

Note that if this deleted channel is not really there, then the link (Joining URL link) of the channel you created should be known.

How To Recover Deleted Telegram Channels?

If Accidentally Telegram Channel And Group is deleted, then it has to be searched in Telegram, if your channel name comes in the search, then by clicking on it and joining it again, it gets recovered but if your Telegram channel or group in the search If you do not see it, then you have to follow these steps given below.

  • So first you have to open your Telegram app.
  • Now the deleted URL Link, if you do not know, then you have to search by clicking on the search icon, like I deleted this channel 2 months ago, the reason for the search is if the Channel Link is found anywhere in the search, then copy that link. Is.
  • Now you have to open Chrome browser on your mobile or computer and enter that Telegram channel in Chrome Search.
Deleted Telegram Channels Recover
  • After entering, you have to change the Telegram URL, you can see in the image how to change the channel url. ( Change to
Deleted Telegram Channels Recover
  • After changing the channel url, you have to search, after searching the channel people will come in front of you and it will be redirected and open in Telegram.
deleted Telegram Channels Recover
  • Now you can see below Join The option of would have been found, by clicking on it, you have to join the channel.

So delete it by following the steps mentioned above. Telegram Channels has been recovered. I have recovered my deleted 4 channels in this way.

Telegram channel gets recovered because deleted channel is saved in Telegram’s database. If a channel has been permanently deleted from the Telegram Database, then that Permanent Deleted Telegram Channels cannot be recovered.

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