3 Ways to Use Whatsapp in Computer or Laptop?

Whatsapp is the most popular chat app in the world. Do you know that you can use WhatsApp in computer or laptop in WhatsApp 3 ways, if you do not know, read this information completely, we will tell 3 ways by which you can use WhatsApp in computer or laptop.

There are many chatting messenger applications in the play store but people use WhatsApp the most, that’s why WhatsApp is the most popular messenger app. And if you work more in your laptop and want WhatsApp to use laptop then you can download WhatsApp for Desktop application in laptop also.

Use Whatsapp in Computer Laptop

Those who use more computer or laptop, they do not need to check messages in mobile again and again, they can install WhatsApp in their computer mobile.

How to Use Whatsapp in Computer/Laptop?

After using WhatsApp in mobile, people use it more in laptop, but do you know that there are 3 ways to run WhatsApp in PC.

1.By scanning WhatsApp QR code?

This is the simplest and easiest way to run WhatsApp in computer or laptop, in this you will be able to run WhatsApp in PC by scanning the code from your mobile. Let’s get to know step by step.

  • First you have to open the browser on your computer or laptop.
  • Now in your browser web.whatsapp.com Search by writing.
  • Now the official website of WhatsApp opens in front of you.
  • You will be able to see the website in front of you QR The code will be visible.
  • Next you have to open WhatsApp on your mobile.
  • Click on 3Dot… on the right above Whatsapp Linked Device You will get the option to click on it.
Whatsapp linked account
  • as soon as you Click on Linked Devices Link a Device in front of you The option is available, click on it.
WhatsApp link a Device
  • now you Link a Device Click on the option. after which WhatsApp QR Code Scanner The camera gets opened.
Scan WhatsApp qr code
  • Now you have to scan the QR code shown in your laptop or computer with your mobile.

After the scan, your work is done, now you can see the laptop, your WhatsApp has been opened. Just as you were able to see WhatsApp in mobile, similarly you will be able to see WhatsApp in browser on your desktop also.

2. Download and use WhatsApp Pc version?

Do you know that WhatsApp is also available for PC ie computer or laptop, you can download it and use it. At first, WhatsApp is made to be used only in mobile, but in view of the number of users in PC, WhatsApp has been launched 10 May 2016 for computer laptop also.

  • First of all Desktop version WhatsApp You have to download it first.
  • To download, go to Microsoft store / Mac Store and download it by searching WhatsApp there.
WhatsApp desktop version download
  • Once WhatsApp is downloaded, you have to open it. As soon as you open it, a message will come in front of you, OK it.
WhatsApp Get Started
  • Like OK, the blow is fired in front of you, now you have to scan its barcode with your mobile WhatsApp.
whatsapp desktop qr code
  • We have told you above how WhatsApp QR code scan is done.

So it has become the second way or it is very easy now, how to use WhatsApp in Laptop, next we are going to go the third way, so let’s know.

3. Use Whatsapp in Computer/Laptop with BlueStacks Software?

BlueStacks is a PC software that can be installed on your PC by using any android app on your laptop or computer.

It is like an online mobile dashboard, in this you can easily use the game Android application, so if you want to run WhatsApp or any other kind of software in your PC with the help of this, then you can install it.

  • first in your pc BlueStacks Have to download and install.
  • After it is installed, open it, after that you can see that you get all the applications in Google Play Store, open it but here you have to login your Gmail id. After that download whatsapp.
  • After downloading WhatsApp, register your mobile number in it and use it.

So in this information, we have known 3 ways by which you can run WhatsApp very easily on your computer or laptop.

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