What is Computer, its Use,Types, Parts and Work?

Comparison between computer and man
Hi ! i Hope you all know that computer is one of the most important and useful machine in human history. Let’s learn about how is a computer different from a human being?

What is Computer full information

What is Computer?

The word ‘computer’ has come from the
word’compute, which means ‘to calculate.
A computer is an electronic machine which is used to do different kinds of work. A computer works very fast. It solves difficult tasks in seconds. A Computer can execute many functions at the same time.

We can listen to music, play games, draw pictures, check spellings, do calculations etc., on a computer. We can send and receive messages anywhere in the world by using a computer. It can store a lot of data and information.

A computer has four main tasks to do, which helps to perform the following functions :

It accepts the data given by the userINPUT
It works on data according to given instructions.PROCESSING
It gives the desired results.OUTPUT
It stores the resultsSTORAGE

Full Form Of Computer

Computer Full is Common Operating Machine Purposely used for Technology, Education and Researches

UUsed for
EEducation and

Computer Parts

1.CPU BOX (Central Processing Unit)

computer CPU

It processes the data according to the given instructions and can store the result.


computer keyboard

It allows us to write an alphabet,number commands and instructions into a computer.


computer Monitor

It looks like a television screen which is displays result.


computer mouse

It allows us to select and move the object on the screen. It has two or three buttons.

Foot to Know The first computer mouse was introduced in 1968 by Douglas Engelbart at Joint Computer Expo in San Francisco, USA.

Comparison Between Computer and Man

There are various differences between computer and human beings.Some of them have been given below.

Human BeingsComputer
Human beings need more time to do the same work.A computer works very fast and cando various jobs at the same time.
Human being may forget the information that is stored in their mind.A computer stores a large number of information and never forgets it
Human being need rest after working for some time.A computer does not get tired and can work for long period of time.
Human being can make mistakes.A computer never makes mistakes
Human being can take their own decisions.A computer can not take its own decisions.
Human being do not need any order to work.A computerworks on the instructions given by human beings.

Types of Computer

Computers vary in shapes and sizes. Different types of computers are used to do various kinds of work. Let us study more about some of them.


desktop computer

This is a Desktop computer. Desktop computers are big in size. They are kept on the desk. They are fixed at one place and cannot be taken here and there. They are also called as personal computer or PC.



This is a Laptop. It is small in size and can be kept on our lap. A laptop computer can be carried around easily.

It works on a battery just like a mobile phone.Notebook computer is another name for laptop.

3.Palmtop Computer

palmtop computer

This is a Palmtop computer.It is smaller than a laptop computer and fits in our palm easily.

Let’s Summaries

  • A computer is an electronic machine, which can execute many functions quickly and accurately.
  • A computer has four main tasks to do: Input, Processing, Output and Storage.
  • Computer never makes mistakes.
  • There are various advantages of computer over human beings.
  • Computers vary in shapes and sizes.

Part of A Computer

  1. Main parts of a computer
  2. Other Parts of a Computer

Hi ! We had learnt about the parts of a computer in previous class. Let us quickly recall everything.

Main parts of a computer

  1. Monitor
  2. Central Processing Unit (CPU) or CPU Box
  3. Keyboard
  4. Mouse


There are basically two types of monitors- CRT Monitor or LCD Monitor. Monitor looks like a television. It is also known as Visual Display Unit (VDU).

CRT Monitor
  • CRT Monitor– Whatever we type through the keyboard is displayed on the monitor. We can also watch movies and play games on monitor.
lCD monitor
  • LCD Monitor– Whatever we draw through the mouse, can be seen on the monitor screen. It helps us tosee what we have done on the computer. Monitors can be of various sizes and shapes.


computer keyboard 1

Keyboard is used for typing text, numbers, special characters etc.

It has many buttons on it. These buttons are called keys. A standard key board has 104 keys? Each key is marked with alphabets, numbers and symbols.We can enter numbers and words by simply pressing the keys.

Fact to Know Sir Christopher Latham Sholes developed the keyboard.

3.Central Processing Unit (CPU)

It is also known as processors or micro processors.CPU: The full form of Central Processing Unit. It performs calculations, comparisons and stores data. It does all the operation of a computer.It is the brain of computer.

Whatever we type through keyboard or do with mouse,goes to the CPU. Then CPU processes it and sends the result on monitor.


Mouse is also known as a pointing device.It helps to move the cursor (pointer) from one place to another on the screen.

It has two or three buttons on top and a censor at the bottom. We can create drawing and play games using a mouse.

It has a long tail (wire) attached to the CPU. Wireless mouse is also available.

Fact to Know An optical mouse detects mouse movement using an optical sensor instead of a ball inside the mouse.

Other Parts of Computer

1.Speakers and Headphones

computer speakers and Headphones

Speakers are used to listen recorded songs,speech, voice and sounds in a computer. A person can hear the sound by using headphone on a Headphone computer without disturbing others.


computer scanner

Scanner is an input device that works somewhat like a photocopier machine. It is used to feed the image and text into the computer directly from a paper.


computer printer

Printer helps you to print work on paper, this means that the printer is used for printing the work done on a computer, onto the sheet of paper. There are various types of printers found in the market: Mainly black and white and coloured printers.


The full form of UPS is Uninterrupted Power Supply. It keeps the computer system ON for something when the electricity goes OFF, so that we can save the work that we were doing. Electrical supply is store in its battery. It provide power back-up for short period during power failure.


Joystick is a device which is used to control movement of the objects, on a computer. It is used for playing games on a computer.


Microphone is used to record voice, music and sound into the computer. A mic or mike is another name of microphone.

7.Web Camera

Web Camera is used to capture pictures and video image sand store them into the computer. It is also known as webcam.


Modem is a device which is used to connect a computer to the Internet.


A CD or DVD is a storage device, which is round in shape. It stores all the information of the computer permanently.

10.Pen Drive

Pen drive is a storage device, which can store a lot more data than a CD/DVD. Pen drives are available from 1GB to 128GB.T Transcend Pen Drive

Let’s Summarise

  • Computer has four main parts-monitor, mouse, keyboard and CPU.
  • There are basically two types of monitor-CRT and LCD.
  • A standard keyboard has 104 keys.
  • Mouse helps to move the cursor from one place to another on the screen.
  • Printer helps you to print your work on paper.
  • A mic or mike is another name of microphone.
  • UPS provides power back-up for short period during power failure.
  • CD/DVD and Pen drive are some other storage devices of the computer.

Computer in our daily life use

hi we are totally dependent on computers now a day as it is used everywhere.

computer is a machine that work on electricity way. It storage and process data with high speed and accuracy.

How can we use a computer?

  • We play games and listen music on computer we also watch movie on computer we type and store later and paragraph on computer.
  • We store names address and telephone numbers etc in the address book of a computer.
  • The build in dictionary in computer help us to increase our world power. It also help us in checking our spelling and grammar.
  • We make colourful picture by using Microsoft point.
  • We calculate the sum on computer within a few seconds.

Places where computer are used


computer act as a teaching learning material. Teachers use computers for making time table, preparing report cards etc. Students use computer for getting information on different topic it is also use in school library.

2.Shop and Hotels

Computer are used for making bill keeping the record of stock and sell of different items.


Computer help in diagnosis patient disease making bills and keeping record a patient and medicines. It also help doctor in the operation theatre.

4.Railway station

Railway Stations Computers are used for booking tickets and getting information about arrival and departure of trains.


Computers are used to maintain the accounts and transactions of the customers in the bank.


Computers are used for booking tickets, keeping the record of flights and maintaining security. Computers also help aeroplanes in taking off and landing.

Fact to Know An auto pilot is a computer device that flies an aeroplane. The pilots can rest for sometime leaving the aeroplane on an autopilot.


Computers are used to maintain therecord of salaries, employees and accounts.


Computers help us do home work, calculate monthly expenses. We can also purchase items sitting at home with the help of computer. It is called “online shopping”.

9.Weather Fore casting

Computers also help in forecasting weather.

10Fun and Entertainment

Many film production houses use computers to give animation and special effects in their films.

11.Research and Development

Scientists use computers for doing minute calculations. Robots are also made by using computers. These are used for research in defence and space.

12.Publishing and Designing

Computers are used for printing and designing books, newspapers and magazines.

Let’s Summaries

  • Computer is a machine which work on electricity.
  • It storage and process data with high speed and accuracy.
  • We type letters paragraph play games save address use dictionary watch movies do calculation etc on a computer.
  • Computers are used at different place like school defence force research whether forecasting etc.

How a Computer Works

Hi ! After studying about keyboard in the article, let us proceed further. In this chapter, we will study about the input, process and output of a computer. Computer is a machine, which cannot work without electricity. It works in three steps.

Understanding Input, Processing and Output

When data is fed to the computer, it is called Input. Mouse and Keyboard are the main input devices. They feed input to the computer.Some other input devices are – Joystick, Light Pen, Web Camera, TouchScreen and Scanner.

When input data and instructions are processed in the CPU, it is called Processing. CPU is the brain of the computer. CPU stands for Central Processing Unit. After processing of data, output or result is shown on the monitor. A monitor is called Visual Display Unit. It shows the result of the work done inthe CPU. This is called soft copy. So, the monitor is called an output device.

Fact to Know A printer is used to print the output on paper. This is called hard copy.

For example, you appear in the monthly test. You are given a question paper.Thus, you use your brain to solve a question. You write the answer on the answer sheet. So, question paper was the input given to you. You think about a question to solve it. This is called processing. The answer you writeis the output.

Similarly, we make tea in a teapot. The sugar, tea leaves and milk are the input, the teapot containing these is the processing unit and the cup of tea prepared after processing is the output.


The computer has a hard disk placed inside the CPU. Its tores all the data. The stored data is kept recorded onto it till we delete it. Some other storage devices are CD/DVD, Pendrive etc.

Let’s Summarise

  • A computer works in three steps-input, processing and output.
  • Input is the data or information given to the computer.
  • Processing is the work done by the computer inside the CPU.
  • Output is the result displayed on the monitor.
  • Hard disk stores all the work done by the computer.

Computer Devices

Hi ! In the last chapter, we have studied about the working of computer by using some devices. Let us study about these devices a little bit in this article.

Input Devices

Any device that feeds data into the computer is an input device. For example, keyboard and mouse are input devices.


We tell the computer what to do by pressing the keys on the keyboard. The most commonly used keyboard is the QWERTY keyboard. When we press the keys on the keyboard, the letters and number appear on the monitor’s screen.


It is an input device with two or three buttons on top of it.When we move the mouse, the pointer also moves on the monitor. It is used to open and close the files, move cursor, navigate websites etc.

Fact to Know Input devices other than the keyboard are sometimes called alternate input devices.Mice, track balls and light pens are all alternate input devices.

3.Output Devices

Output devices are hardware devices. These are connected to a computer via cables or wireless network. Output devices show the result of all the work done on the monitor. Some examples are as follows:


It looks like a television. It displays the information on its screen. It is of two types

  1. CRT (Cathode Ray Tube)
  2. LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)


The printer gets the processed data from the computer and prints it on a sheet of paper. There are three types of computer printers:

  1. Inkjet printers
  2. Laser Printer
  3. Dot matrix printer


A speaker gives out sound output. Some speakers are built into the computer and some are connected seperately. Processing Device Processing is the main step that a computer follows. It takes place inside the system unit or the CPU.


It is a box like case. It contains the following parts:

  • The hard disk.
  • The motherboard
  • The floppy drive
  • The CD drive

8.Storage Devices

Storage devices are used to store work done on the computer. The computer has two types of storage devices:

Removable storage device It stores information outside the computer. Non-removable storage device It stores information inside the computer.

9.Hard Disk

This is found inside the CPU. It stores all the information inside the computer.

10.CD and DVD

We use CD and DVD to store information permanently. We can store more information in a DVD as compared to a CD. A CD stands for Compact Disc and DVD stands for Digital Video Disc.We use DVD-ROM drive and CD-ROM drive to run DVD and CD respectively. These devices store information outside the computer.

11.Pen Drive

A pen drive is also an external storage device.It can store information much more than a CD. The computer have special ports for pendrive. They are called the USB ports. We plugin the pen drive to a USB port for using it.A pendrive stores information outside the CPU. It comes in different capacities to store information.

Let’s Summaries

  • Any device that feeds data into the computer is called input device. The mouse and keyboard are input devices.
  • Output devices show the result of all the work done on the monitor. The monitor and printer are the common output devices.
  • Processing is the main step that a computer follows. It takes place inside the system unit or the CPU.
  • The hard disk, CD-ROM and pen drive are storage devices.
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