What is Wifi Hotspot and how does it work?

What is Hotspot Details Information- wifi Hotspot You must have heard about Hotspot, maybe you will also know about Hotspot, nowadays everyone has a Smartphone, and from your own Smartphone Internet Share would have done too.

But let us tell you that Hotspot is not only available in Smartphones and Tablets, but nowadays Hotspot Device Router is also available in the market. You will also get the feature of Hotspot given in the laptop.


Millions of people use the internet every day using Hotspot. Today’s public is generally using laptop or other portable device for wireless internet connection. Free Wifi Hotspot is being given to you in many places like Railway Station, Library, Cofee Shop and Bus Stop, you can get free Wifi service.

What is wifi Hotspot

Hotspot is also a kind of physical location where people access Internet using Wifi through Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) using Internet Service Provider i.e. Router.

Nowadays you are being provided Free Wifi Hotspot at Railway Station. Hotspots are usually made from Wireless Access Points configured to provide internet access for the customers to use.

How does Hotspot work?

In a simple way, the Bradband Wireless Router accesses with the Internet first. And by configuring the Access Point (AP) and connecting the AP to the Internet Connection, it makes Public Wireless Access. And you get a wireless internet connection.

Type Of Hotspot

1.Free Hotspot- The easiest way to make it free is to create a free public network, for this it is necessary that you have a router and the Password Requirement is removed in it, the user can easily connect to the network and access free Wifi.

2.Commercial Hotspot– Even in Commercial Hotspot, you get permission by connecting but in this the user is free Internet Accsess It is not provided, whenever the user tries to connect, there are some requirements for him like login and payment, only after which the user is able to connect.

How to connect Wifi to Hotspot.

In the above information, what is the hotspot, how many types are there, it must have been known, let us now know how to connect to Wifi Hotspot. Connecting Wifi to Hotspot is a simple way. All you have to do is enable your Hotspot Device like Router or Dongle Hotspots first and you have to turn on Wifi on your Laptop or Smartphone to which you want to connect.

As soon as you turn on Wifi, the name of your Router or Dongle starts showing. You just have to click on it. Click if you have protected the hotspot with a password, then enter its password.

After entering the password, you have to press the Connect Button, after which the connecting starts. As soon as it is connected, the status of Connected starts showing.

Conclusion- I hope you have understood our information. What is Hotspot, related to this information about the type of Hotspot and connecting, if you have any query, you can ask us by commenting below. And if you have any error in this information of ours, then the bomb will definitely be corrected. Thank you!

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