WP Safelink 4.4.1 Buy, Setup and Customisation?

WP Safelink Plugin v4.4.1 Latest Version- Do you want to setup Wp Safelink Plugin in your website, if yes then in this information I will tell you step by step how to do WP Safelink Installation, Setup and Customization.

Wp Safelink Plugin Setup and Customization

Wp Safelink Plugin Buy with License Key and Full Setup

To use this plugin, first you have to buy it, to buy you can buy it by visiting the link given below, where you will get WP Safelink Plugin v4.4.1 Plugin License Key at a low price.

If you have purchased the plugin and got its license key. After that the reason is to unzip the ZIP file. Unzip After doing this you get 3 zip file (Wp Safelink Server Version, Wp Safelink Client Version and License key). Now install and activate in WordPress. Let’s know how to activate it.

WP Safelink Plugin v4.4.1 with Licence key Buy Now

  • Minimum PHP v7.4 & Enable iOncube Loader
  • In the new version include adlinkfly section

WP Safelink Plugin 4.4.1 Setup Activation


First of all, you have to go to your WordPress Dashboard, below you have to go to the Plugin Section. After that the option of Add New will be found, click on it.

WordPress plugins upload


After that click on Upload Plugin and upload it by selecting Wp Safelink Servers Version zip file.

upload and install wordpress plugins


Now the Plugin will be uploaded and installed, after that it has to be activated.


As soon as the plugin is uploaded, now above you will be getting a message of Enter License Key, click on it as you will be able to see in the image.


After that, copy the WP Safelink Plugin License Key and paste it here and activate it by clicking on Validate license.

wp safelink license key validation

After the plugin is activated, you have to go to the Wp Safelink section where you get all the customization options, you can easily customize the link on your behalf.

Now till now you have downloaded, installed and activated the wpsafelink plugin. Now next we are going to know about how to make Adsense Safelink in Wp Safelink.

How To Customize WP Safelink Plugin?

Select template

First of all you have to go to the Template section. Here you have to select Template 2 by clicking in front of the Template option.

wp saflink template 1

Add php code

As soon as you select Template 2, 2 PHP code will be visible below it, you have to add that code to your theme. The top top code is to be added under the in header.php and the bottom code below is to be added in footer.php above the bottom tag.

Delay Second

Below you will get the Time Delay Option. Here the link is to be put open Delay Second Link, you can delay as much as you want. And you can also add Generate Link delay Text below.

wp Safelink time delay

Wp Safelink buttons image

After that you have to upload the image like Download link, Please wait, Generate link below in your website and give its link here. Or here you will get the option of Upload image, by clicking on it and selecting the image, then it gets activated here. Different images can be setup at different redirection.

please wait Download link and Link Generate setup

Generate link

Now if you want to generate any link, then copy that link and you will come to the section with Generate Link. Here you have to paste the link and click on the generate option. After that the link will be generated, here you have to generate 2 links. You can add a link in a short to a long.

wp saflink Generate link

Test the link once, whether the redirection is happening properly or not. If it is not happening then you can comment below.

Wp Safelink ad placement

Now if you want to add ads as well, if the link in your website is shown from the top-down side, then for that you have to go to the Advertisement section. Here you will find 4 sections. To place the ad, you can paste the ads in the copy ad section.

wp saflink

Wp Safelink Ad Blocker

And if you want to enable Anti Ad Blocker Detection too, then you can. If someone has enabled Anti ad blocker in their browser and want that a pop-up message will be displayed for that person to remove the blocker then to enable it. You can enable it by going to the Anti Ad blocker section on you and you can also write the ad blocker message from here on your own.

wp safelink ad blocker

Wp Safelink Recaptcha

If you want to enable CAPTCHA Verification also, then Recaptcha and hcaptha Verification Setup will also be available here. to setup CAPTCHA Go to the option. Enable it. But for this you have to setup your website for Google captcha setup. So for that the link of google.com/Recaptcha is given, you have to go up and generate Recaptcha Key in Google.

recaptch verification setup

So in this way you can setup Wp safelink in your website. You can comment if you have any problem.

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